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Peter Dunstan is the son of a British mining engineer and was born in Kolar Gold Fields, a small township in southern India, at that time the main producer of Indiaís gold. His fatherís subsequent work in several other countries involved extensive travel for the family. After attending schools in India, Jamaica and England, Peter studied at University College London, receiving degrees in Architecture, Planning and Building. He also attended courses in anthropology, discovering a life-long interest in the cultural systems, beliefs and construction methods of ancient civilizations.

Traveling in all six continents and working in four of them, he has explored whenever possible the relevant ruins, from Africa to Peru, India to Mexico, including many off the beaten track. Visits to numerous archaeological sites in Italy, Greece, Turkey, Israel and Egypt were combined with research into their antiquities in the museums of Rome, Athens, Istanbul, Jerusalem, Cairo, the Paris Louvre, the British Museum, the Metropolitan Museum of New York and various smaller collections.

Peter has worked as an architect in England, Canada, America and Australia, and in the field of mechanical engineering design, and has also produced several sets of illustrations for books. A British, Canadian and US Citizen, the author presently lives in southwest Florida.